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Synology for Photographers

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When picking a NAS solution to store and share your personal or clients photos and videos you want to make sure that you have chosen the best possible NAS for you requirements. With many options available choosing the correct solution for your needs can be a challenge. In this post we are going to be talking about our Synology NAS recommendations and what of our plan will be able to fulfil these recommendations.


With Synology Hosting you can:

  • •  Share your files with your clients
  • •  Backup all of your external hard drives into one location 
  • •  Protect your photos against hard drive failure
  • •  Access your file from anywhere using a mobile device
  • •  Have a completely private storage solution

Surveillance Station 7.1

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Synology has announced the beta avialbility of it's Surveillance Station 7.1. The latest version of it's video managment system deliveres optimised preformance and much more..

Backup Synology to a Synology

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In this post we will be creating a guide on how to use Synology's Network Backup function,

Network backup is used to backup one Synology Server to another Synology server using the network interface, this is very beneficial for businesses that wish to ensure that their data is protected from any catastrophic events that may take place.

In this Guide we will be covering how to back up a Synology Server to another Synology Server and backing up / Restoring data from a RSync Compatible server, using the same procedure, but different information.

Synology released update.

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Synology has released an update with several important enhancements for your NAS Server. DSM 5.2 is available for download on your Control Panel > Update & Restore.
NAS Hosting is always recommended that you install the latest update to obtain an even smoother user experience. Should you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support and we will be happy to help.

Private NAS vs The Cloud!

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There are many benefits of using Cloud storage as many may know. It is an efficient and convenient way of being able to access all of your files from any computer or mobile device whenever you may need them.

But what if you want your own private cloud storage that only You have access too? The answer to that question is Network Attached Storage (NAS).

What Exactly can NAS offer you over the most commonly used Cloud storage solutions out there e.g., DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive ect...

Backing up Linux computer to Synology

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Quick Overview

Your Synology NAS can be a backup destination for your Linux computer by using any of the following protocols: rsync or FTP, CIFS, NFS or WebDAV, among which the most common is rsync. Automated backup can be performed with a written script; data transfer of the backup can be encrypted to protect your important data with a higher level of security.

This post will guide you step by step on how to back up data on your Linux system to your Synology NAS.

Cloud station installing the client

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In our last post we discussed how to setup your Synology Diskstation as a Cloud Station. If you haven't already got your NAS being used as a Cloud station please check out our previous post on How to use Synology's NAS as a Cloud station for your business. If your NAS is already setup to be a cloud station then we will continue from where we left in our last post. 

Synology as cloud station

Using Synology as a Cloud Station

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What is the cloud? And how does it benefit you and your business? 

Cloud storage is a way to save information to a external system, typically cloud storage is used to keep data in a safe and secure location off-location, they offer quicker, easier and safer backups than conventional methods of file storage.

Using cloud computing you are able to access your files from any computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere in the world; all that is required is that you have an Internet connection. There are many benefits of using cloud storage for you and your business, just some of these benefits are.

What is Synology Hybrid Raid?

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Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) is an automated RAID management system that make storage volume deployment easier than traditional RAID systems, SHR allows for 1-disk or 2-disk redundancy, this means can suffer up to two disks lost, and the volume will still be available for use.

Do I require SHR?

Introducing VisualStation VS360HD

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Today Synology announced the release of VisualStation VS360HD, a versatile, durable, and compact monitoring solution. When paired with a Synology NVR running Surveillance Station, VS360HD is able to decode and display without latency up to 36 channels of HD video to a HDMI/VGA monitor.

Synology VS360HD