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NAS Hosting

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Take Control Of Your Cloud

NAS Hosting provides scalable storage and super fast connectivity to insure maximum performance and support for all Synology applications and packages.

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Your Private Cloud

Store, Sync and Share securely across multiple devices with your own Synology Private Cloud. High speed internet and on site support means you're always connected.

Automated virus scans, Encryption software and security staff keep your data secret and secure so you can access your files safely anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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CCTV / Surveillance

Fitted with Synology Surveillance Station, you can view up to 64 live feeds of over 90 connected cameras from anywhere. Suitable for all levels of deployment whether its commercial, industrial or residential.

Instant notifications sent to your phone so you always know your assets are safe. With more customizability and lower prices than Sighthound, Axis and AVP you are online and secure in no time.

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Storage Backup

Customizable and expandable private storage space gives you the flexibility to backup all your data in multiple locations with hassle free time machine, windows and cloud backups.

Give your data that extra level of security with RAID, multiple version restore and uninterruptible power.

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A fully fledged and entirely customizable email server. With a browser based email client and support for multiple users. Centralize all your emails and accounts into one streamlined business machine.

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Website Hosting

Host, manage and create beautiful online sites and stores with a wide variety of tools and applications tailored to your needs, helping you create unique and effective websites with no downtime or maintenance needed for no extra cost.

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An Intuitive Interface

Instantly gain access to a wide range of apps and ways to use your Synology NAS with the web based operating system and package centre... So simple you already know how to use it.

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What our hosting customers think...

  • "I have been very satisfied with my Synology NAS at home and was quite surprise to find that I could rent another box in remote data center to make sure my data was safe. NAS Hosting has provided me with amazing connectivity and real 24/7 support for any and all questions I have."

    - Jeremy R, Ireland
  • "Being a IT Support company, we have customer's with requirements to keep their private data backup remotely without using Dropbox or Google drive. NAS Hosting has offered exactly what we need. We are privately renting a few Synology NAS systems from NAS Hosting and confident that nobody except us and our customers have access to the data."

    Compstar - Compstar Ltd, UK
  • "We are a CCTV installer company and fans of Synology we wanted to be able to offer Synology's surveillance station's in an offsite premises to our customers. We are extremely happy with NAS Hosting's support and the dedicated 1Gbps connectivity to each of our boxes in their secured data centre."

    - Tom C, USA
  • "I can leave only positive feedback for what the NAS Hosting's guys have done for me so far, Superb support and my system was setup in a less than an hour!."

    - Soren B, Denmark
  • "Tried to find PLEX hosting solution and chose to go with NAS Hosting. First of all I got free advice about the specification I needed to rent to meet my requirement and it works as I expected and needed."

    - Willy Ciama, South Africa