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Protect Your Business

Looking for CCTV to protect your business premises or want to broadcast something to millions online, you can do it with a FEW SIMPLE STEPS with NAS Hosting

All that is required to be able to use Synology's Surveillance Station is to have one of the 3000 supported and available IP cameras.

Supported Cameras > CCTV Surveillance hosting

No Software Needed

No requirement of any on-premises hardware devices or the installation of software, if you are looking to connect multiple cameras from different locations this isn't a problem all that is needed is an internet connection and an IP camera.

Video Surveillance

High Scalability

With the ability to scale when required with a maximum of 90 cameras on one system, With our offsite CCTV recording, we can ensure that your business is safe.

Synology 90 camera surveillance

Manageable, High Scalability, Completely Private

  • Compared to some cloud CCTV hosting companies, you get your own dedicated system with private access, that nobody else is able to use, unless you authorise it.
  • Most CCTV hosting companies will only allow you to have access to a couple of GB of storage due to their systems being shared, with NAS Hosting you have access to as much storage as your require and are always able to scale if needed.
  • The majority of companies only allow video storage for a limited time, we at NAS Hosting do not delete any of your recordings, they are stored on your own PRIVATE NAS meaning they are yours to manage and do with as you wish.

Mobile Security Notifications

Connect your cameras to your private NAS in our Datacenter and have secure and convenient access to your security, with instant notifications sent directly to your phone you can always be assured that your assets are safe and secure.

CCTV Mobile notifications

Highly Secure Facilities

At NAS Hosting we understand that your content needs to be secure that is why we ensure that all of our facilities are of the highest standards and have the highest grade of security, ensuring that your content is always secure.

Synology CCTV view

Easy Setup With 24/7 Support

With Synology set-up can be done easily in just a few clicks by everyone, but in the event that you have any problems our expert 24/7 support team will be able to assist you in setting up your surveillance station for free.

Support 24/7

Looking for an IP camera to use with our Synology solution? Check out our recommended suppliers of IP camera's from the USA, UK and Europe.

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Why not start protecting your home or business with the power of Synology today!

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