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Upgrade OS to 5.2 to Protect Data

Synology America Corp. urges users to update their operating system to the new DiskStation Manager 5.2 to address security concerns associated with Photo Station and other vulnerabilities.  Synology has worked closely with its technical experts to identify and resolve the issues before it affected customers. On May 12, Synology released the DiskStation Manager 5.2 with added security enhancements. The company issued another update with more safeguards on May 21.

Synology Technical Marketing Manager Franklin Hua said, "To date, we haven't seen suspicious activity reported by our customers. Still, we're encouraging them to update their OS and add-on packages immediately – if they haven't done so, already. Security updates can easily be applied within the DSM for the latest security releases for the OS. For greater convenience, automatic updates can be enabled to allow the DSM to update itself – in the background – without user intervention."

Hua continued, "On May 25, we saw news reports that an independent consulting firm had identified possible vulnerabilities in Photo Station, but our experts had already created and released solutions to address those risks, before the articles ran."

As technology advances and malware is becoming more sophisticated, Synology continues to devote resources to mitigate threats, while providing users with reliable solutions.