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  • Surveillance Station 7.1
    Synology has announced the beta avialbility of it's Surveillance Station 7.1. The latest version of it's video managment system deliveres optimised preformance and much mo
  • Backup Synology to a Synology
    In this post we will be creating a guide on how to use Synology's Network Backup function, Network backup is used to backup one Synology Server to another Synology server
  • Private NAS vs The Cloud!
    There are many benefits of using Cloud storage as many may know. It is an efficient and convenient way of being able to access all of your files from any computer or mobil
  • Cloud station installing the client
    In our last post we discussed how to setup your Synology Diskstation as a Cloud Station. If you haven't already got your NAS being used as a Cloud station please check out
  • Using Synology as a Cloud Station
    What is the cloud? And how does it benefit you and your business?  Cloud storage is a way to save information to a external system, typically  cloud storage is used to kee
  • Introducing RC18015xs+ & RXD1215sas
    Today Synology announced the RC18015xs+ and RXD1215sas, high-availability server solution featuring massive scalability, superior performance, and point-in-time data backu
  • What is NAS and DAS?
    First what does NAS and DAS mean? NAS stands for Network-attached Storage and DAS stands for Direct-attached storage don't get confused between these two as there are some

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