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Backup Synology to a Synology

In this post we will be creating a guide on how to use Synology's Network Backup function,

Network backup is used to backup one Synology Server to another Synology server using the network interface, this is very beneficial for businesses that wish to ensure that their data is protected from any catastrophic events that may take place.

In this Guide we will be covering how to back up a Synology Server to another Synology Server and backing up / Restoring data from a RSync Compatible server, using the same procedure, but different information.


How to Set up Network Backup

To start you need to log into your Synology Disk Station, After connecting to you Synology NAS you will now need to procced to the Backup & Replication Menu.

To access the Backup and Replication menu go to Main Menu > Backup & Replication as see in the image below.

Main menu > Backup & Replication

Next you should see the following menu, from here select Backup > Create > Data Backup Task.

Select Backup > Data Backup

Now a new menu should be open called "Backup Wizard" for the purpose of this guide we will be selecting Network Backup Destination > Next

Note: Network Backup Destination is used to back up data to another Synbology or RSync-compatible server, from your chosen system.

Select Network Backup Destination > Next

After you have selected next you will now see another window asking you to enter the Server address and authentication information, this system will be your target device, as we are targeting a Synology server we will keep the Server type as Synology Server, for the Server name or IP address input the name of your server or the IP address, in the username and password section put the username and password of your target device and select Next.

Next you will now be asked how you would like to backup your data, for the purpose of this guide we will be backing up data to volume, although if needed you can back up data remote shared folder. After you have selected “Back up data to volume” input your backup destination name and select the volume that you would like to use for the backup, after you have done that click Next.

Now you will be asked to select the folder(s) that you would like to backup these are the files of your local Synology system that you are wanting to backup. After selecting the wanted folders press Next.

Now you will be asked what setting you want for the backup, in this section you are able to scheduled backups, if you are going to enable thumbnails remember this will require more space, after you have selected your required setting and set you scheduled backups if required press Next.

After you have press Next you will then be taken to another panel on this panel you can set your rotation settings, for the purpose of this guide we will not be changing any of the settings. When you are happy with your settings click Apply.

after you have selected apply you will be taken back to the Backup and Replication page, on this page select Backup now to initiate the backup.

You backup process will now begin, after it has completed it will say that it was successful, you have now backed up your local Synology system to another Off-Site system.

If you have any more questions regarding backing up your Synology system please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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