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What is Synology Hybrid Raid?

Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) is an automated RAID management system that make storage volume deployment easier than traditional RAID systems, SHR allows for 1-disk or 2-disk redundancy, this means can suffer up to two disks lost, and the volume will still be available for use.

Do I require SHR?

Depending on your Experience with RAID it is not necessary to use SHR. Therefore is completely optional to use, If you have little to no technical background experience we recommend using SHR as it is very simple and easy to setup.

For experienced uses classic RAID_levels are available if preferred, the following RAID levels may be available on your Synology NAS:

  1. Basic
  2. JBOD
  3. RAID 0
  4. RAID 1
  5. RAID 5
  6. RAID 6
  7. RAID 10

How can I setup SHR?

Setting up SHR couldn't be easier, but we have created a short and simple tutorial showing how to setup SHR on your system.

Go to Main Menu > Storage Manager
When you first go into Storage Manager you should see something that looks like the image below, in our example we have chosen to use 2 x 500GB drives.

Synology Storage Manager overview 2 Drives

To create a RAID you need to go to Volume > Create, When you have chosen Create you will then have the Volume Creation wizard open. This will give you the options to create a "Quick" or "Custom" Volume RAID, as this is a guide on creating a SHR volume we will be selecting "Quick" as seen in the image.

Synology Volume Creation Wizard, "Quick" (SHR) selected.

After selecting Next you will be asked to choose the disks that you would like to create the volume on, select your required disks and choose Next. After selecting Next you will get a warning message notifying you that If you continue it will erase all current data in the selected disks. If you are sure that there is no important information stored on these disks then continue by selecting OK.

Synology Volume Creation Wizard Warning.

After choosing Continue you will now be asked if you would like to perform a disk check, we at Synology Hosting recommend performing a disk check, but again this is optional, after selecting your option click Next.

You will now be on the confirmation screen, this will show all your configuration that you selected in the prior steps. Double check your setting and make sure you are happy with what you have selected, If you are happy then proceed by selecting Accept.

Synology Confirm volume settings

When you have accepted it will then save your configuration and will be take you to the Volume creation page, this process might take a little while, on this screen it will show the current creation process.

Synology volume creating

After it has finished creating the RAID volume, depending on if you selected DISK verification it will continue to check the disks in the background, this can take a while but it is all automatically done, it may impact the overall performance of you Synology NAS during this time.

Done creating synology RAID (SHR)

Now we have finished setting up your SHR.

If you have had any issues setting up your SHR or have any questions regarding SHR please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP!