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Using Synology as a Cloud Station

What is the cloud? And how does it benefit you and your business? 

Cloud storage is a way to save information to a external system, typically cloud storage is used to keep data in a safe and secure location off-location, they offer quicker, easier and safer backups than conventional methods of file storage.

Using cloud computing you are able to access your files from any computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere in the world; all that is required is that you have an Internet connection. There are many benefits of using cloud storage for you and your business, just some of these benefits are.

  1. Data protection and security, using cloud storage such as the one offered when using Synology's NAS, you have automatic backups of the files that have been uploaded to the cloud, the amount of backups is Dependant on your needs and customisable keeping multiple versions of the same file. 
  2. Control and flexibility, when you are running a business you want control over your files and the flexibility to view them, download them and change them whenever it is required, in the office, on the go or even at home and the cloud offers you that control and flexibility. 


How to use Synology's NAS as a Cloud station for your business.

Quick overview:

Synology's Diskstations offer a file syncing application called Cloud Station, this application lets you easily synchronise files to your Synology NAS using other devices, E.G. computers or mobile devices (using DS Cloud). Once you have installed Cloud Station on both your Synology NAS and computer, files stored in a specified folder on your computer will be automatically synced to you NAS.

How to Install Synology's Cloud Station:    

Note: Before you are able to install Cloud Station it is required that you create a disk volume (Raid) on your synology NAS if you are unsure how to do this, please visit the added link for a guide on how to setup (SHR) on your Synology System. What is Synology Hybrid Raid?

          Go to Package Centre, find Cloud Station, and then click Install.

Synology choose cloud station in package center

         Now we need to enable cloud station, launch Cloud Station. If you have not enabled the user            home feature you will be prompted to do so. Click OK.


         You should be redirected to the user settings page. Enable user homes and click Apply.

error fix settings

         Now you need to go back to Cloud Station and you'll be prompted to enable it. Click Yes.

resume cloud station

         Next we want to go to Privileges and specify which users will be able to use the Cloud Station.          Choose and click Save.

Cloud station select user privileges

Now that you have setup your Cloud Station, next we will show you how to install and enable the client.

To continue with this guide please click the following link! How to install cloud station client on Synology!

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