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Private NAS vs The Cloud!

There are many benefits of using Cloud storage as many may know. It is an efficient and convenient way of being able to access all of your files from any computer or mobile device whenever you may need them.

But what if you want your own private cloud storage that only You have access too? The answer to that question is Network Attached Storage (NAS).

What Exactly can NAS offer you over the most commonly used Cloud storage solutions out there e.g., DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive ect...

Price comparison Synology NAS vs The Cloud!

Lets consider that Google offers 15GB free, clearly a NAS will never pay off if the 15GB storage servers your needs, but as your needs increase the pay off period will start to fall. When you start to overflow into 400GB+ a NAS becomes extremely feasible. 

for the purpose of this blog we will be doing a comparison of Googles 10GB package and our 12GB Standard NAS (12GB due to not having 10GB option)


What do you get for $99/ month?

What does Google Drive have to offer?

How much storage is on offer for $99/ month with Google Drive?

Google Drive offers 10TB of Storage for $99/ month, This is $9.99/ month per 1TB of storage

What is the file size upload limit?

Google drive allows users to upload files up to 5GB in size, but they must not be converted to Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. There is a 50MB size limit on presentations and documents, and a 100MB limit on spreadsheets converted to Sheets.

What do you actually get for $99/ mo with Google?

With Google you are able to access email's, upload photos and videos, and store any documents that you require backing up or want to be able to access on the go.

What does SynologyHosting have to offer?

How much storage is on offer for $99/ month with SynologyHosting?

We at SynologyHosting offer 12TB of storage for $99 /month, This works out to be $8.25/ month per 1TB of storage.

What is the file size upload limit for Synology?

Synology allows the users to upload files up to 16TB in size, without any limitation to what the file type is, why limit yourself? People not only have more files than they did before, but files are also much bigger.
What do you actually get for $99/ mo with SynologyHosting?

Synology allows the users to upload Photo's and videos, storage and important documents and access them whenever required via mobile device or another computer system using a QuickConnect ID, not only are you able to use Synology as an alternative to Google Drive, but if you require it you are able to also sync your Synology NAS with Google Drive for some added security.
With Synology your NAS is not only used for Storage, you are also able to use it for Surveillance, Web Hosting, PBX (Phone System), Email Server and much much more.


Overall a Synology NAS looks very appealing, it does what the most commonly used Cloud services can do, and much more, best of all it is private, meaning that you and only you have access to that device, no shared storage between multiple companies or people.

If you find yourself never using Googles 15GB of free storage, then a Synology NAS is most likely not for you, although it does offer some additional features that are worth considering even if you find yourself not wanting to use it for Storage.

If you find yourself looking into Googles upgrade packages it might be worth looking into alternate methods of online storage, such as your own private NAS hosted in a secure Datacentre.

Looking to host your Synology NAS in our datacentre? why not contact our support team and we will discuss what the best package is for you! Contact us.