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Synology for Photographers

When picking a NAS solution to store and share your personal or clients photos and videos you want to make sure that you have chosen the best possible NAS for you requirements. With many options available choosing the correct solution for your needs can be a challenge. In this post we are going to be talking about our Synology NAS recommendations and what of our plan will be able to fulfil these recommendations.


With Synology Hosting you can:

  • •  Share your files with your clients
  • •  Backup all of your external hard drives into one location 
  • •  Protect your photos against hard drive failure
  • •  Access your file from anywhere using a mobile device
  • •  Have a completely private storage solution


What is Synology's Photo Station and what can it do for you?

Synology's photo station can be your main photo organizer, allowing you to create a web album and blog to share all those special moments in your life. 

Every aspect of photo orginization is more intuitive with Photo Stations smart desgin. You have the ability to tag your photo's location, details and who is in the picture. If you have a lot of photos, you can decide to create thumbnails only when you want, so server resoruces can be reserved for other tasks.

Photo Station has a dedicated uploader that reducess the processing power of your computer, allowing you to upload photos and videos in just a few clicks, while also reducting the resoruce burden on your Synology NAS.

The Slideshow feature allows you to create a brilliant slideshow with any music you like. With the various transition effects you can create a professional slideshow for work or for your friends.

It is very simpale and easy to share photos with Photo Station, best of all your pictures can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. 

Access all of your pictures on the fly via phone or tablet using the mobile app, DS Photo, photo information can be edited on these mobile devices with the light box design.

How to Install Synology's Photo Station.

To install Synology's Photo Station you first need to go to Package Center > All > Photo Station > Install,

After selecting install you will have to wait for the app to download and installed.

After installation have completed you are now able to access Synoloy's Photo Station by going to the Main Menu > Photo Station, alternatively if you right click on Photo Station you can click Add to Desktop for quick access in the future.

You have now competed the instalation of Synology's Photo Station.


What RAID do we recommend?

Although you can use any raid you wish for your systems we at Synology Hosting have a couple of recommendations when it comes to the perfect raid for your solution.

We would recommend that you use RAID 5, although Synology doesn't offer its own RAID Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) we would only recommend this is you are using different capacity drives. If you are concerned with the possibility of having more than one drive fail at any one time then we recommend using RAID 6 instead, although RAID 6 is slower it is somewhat a safer RAID.

What Systems do we recommend?

At Synology Hosting we have a couple of different recommendations and these will depend on what stage you are at in your photography career or hobby.

The first system that we recommend is the DS214+ this system better suited towards hobbyists, but however it could be use by professionals alike.

What does the DS214+ have to offer?

CPU: Duel Core 1.33 GHz

System Memory: 1 GB DDR3

Drive Bays: 2

Maximum internal capacity: 16 TB

Note: This system does not support an external expansion unit therefore it wouldn't be an advisable choice if you are looking for massive amounts of storage with the ability to scale when needed.



Another choice would be the DS713+ this DiskStation would again be better suited towards hobbyists but is still a viable option if you are looking for a storage solution for your photography business.

What does the DS713+ have to offer?

CPU: Intel Atom Duel Core 2.13 GHz

System Memory: 1 GB DDR3

Drive Bays: 2

Maximum internal capacity: 16 TB

Maximum external capacity: 42 TB

Both of these systems are available via our Private NAS package and we would recommend these systems to anyone who wants to have additional private storage of their photo's that they can share with their family and friends. Although these systems will be fine for professional photographers we would however recommend one of our better packages as this will give better performance overall.

If you would like one of these solutions to store your photographs please visit our Private NAS solution package page.

The next system that we recommend is the DS415+ this DiskStation is perfect for photographers that have just started their photography career and are looking for a storage solution with the power and scalability to support them for many years.

What does the DS415+ bring to the table?

CPU: Intel Atom Quad Core 2.4 GHz

System Memory: 2 GB DDR3

Drive Bays: 4

Maximum internal capacity: 32 TB

Maximum External capacity: 108TB

This solution is available on our Standard NAS package, and we would recommend this system to be used by and professional photographer although we feel this system is better suited towards people just starting out in their photography career, this solution is perfect for veterans alike with up to 32GB of internal storage, if you manage to fill this up you are able to use an external expander system turning your 32GB system into a massive 140TBs!



The last system that we recommend for photographers is the DS1815+ this system is perfect for any professional photographer and we recommend this system to any serious photographers that are looking for the perfect balance between performance, storage and scalability.

What does the DS1815+ have to offer you?

CPU: Intel Atom Quad Core 2.4 GHz

System Memory: 2 GB DDR3 ( Expandable up to 6 GB)

Drive Bays: 8

Maximum internal capacity: 64 TB

Maximum External capacity: 108TB

With this solution you are able to have up to a massive 64 TB of internal storage and if you find that it isn't enough for your requirements, you are able to add an external expansion unit scaling 64 TB to 172TB! We feel this system is perfect for all photographers be it professionals with many years of experience or people just starting out. This system is available on our business package if you find that the 64 TB of storage isn't enough for your requirements please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss adding an external expansion unit to the system for you.



If you require any additional information on how Synology's DiskStations can benifit you and your photography career please do not hesitate to contact us our support team is always available.

or please check our photography stroage page for additional information,