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Cloud station installing the client

In our last post we discussed how to setup your Synology Diskstation as a Cloud Station. If you haven't already got your NAS being used as a Cloud station please check out our previous post on How to use Synology's NAS as a Cloud station for your business. If your NAS is already setup to be a cloud station then we will continue from where we left in our last post. 

Synology as cloud station


Installing and setting up the client

First you need to go to Cloud Station > Overview and click the Download Desktop Utility button.

Download desktop utility

Click the button to download Cloud Station for your operating system. 

Note: You can also download Cloud Station from the Synology Download Center if required.


Launch the installer on your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.

After installation, run Cloud Station on your computer. Click Start Now.

Synology cloud station on your computer

Now enter the address for the Synology NAS that is running Cloud Station (or enter your QuickConnect ID), username, and password. And select Next.

Establish a connection with your Synology NAS station

Now you want to select how you want to set up your task (For the purpose of this guide we will choose Quick Setup), then click Next.

Synology Quick setup guide

Now click Done to complete this part of the setup process for your Cloud Station folder.

Almost done

Click Done to open your Cloud Station folder.

Synology Done setting up

You can find the Cloud Station icon in your system tray.

Double click the Cloud Station icon to open the tray menu. Here you can view the progress and status of your files. Click Main app to launch Cloud Station.

tray icon open status tracker

Upon launch, you will be shown the some tips on how to use Cloud Station. Click the right arrow to see more tips, If you don't need the tips, click Don't show this again.

Now you can manage your sync tasks in Cloud Station.

Now you have finished setting up your cloud station please feel free to leave a comment below if you had any problems following these steps or if you have any further questions and I will try to get back to you ASAP!

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